About Us

At Clear Insurance, we are passionate about insurance, but above all we are passionate about your insurance.

Women Colleagues

Our team has a simple philosophy in dealing with prospects, clients and partners. No matter how we do business, the rules from our side are the same.

1. We listen to understand.

2. We make things easy.

3. We value building a relationship.

4. We follow-up and follow through.

Our goal is to be remarkable.

Our team has decades of experience in both insurance and business. We understand you.

In addition to our knowledge of insurance and and the other services you'll need as a business owner, our team has actually worked in many other industries, both at big companies and startups alike. Our ability to understand your business will save you money and ensure you have the right coverage for you.

Fun Fact: The logo you see here is our original concept. Before the starburst image we use today, this art deco inspired logo featuring a "clear, starry night" inspired our team.


Arizona Is Our Home

Our offices are in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona. In addition to being licensed in Arizona, we also hold licenses in Arkansas, Michigan, North Carolina and Wyoming and will continue to expand to serve other states. Our other business services and consulting are available throughout the US. 

In California, Clear Insurance is known as TCO Insurance Agency.

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